Canada Post 1950 Champion Deluxe Starlight Coupe Stamp

Canada Post Stamp Banner Group Photo 2020
Photo taken at the February 2020 meeting at the Pinter Residence.

In 1993, as part of their Historic Vehicles series, Canada Post issued a stamp featuring Studebaker’s Starlight Coupe. Several banners were made to publicize the stamp series, two of which were donated to B.C. SDC Chapters several years ago. The BC Southern Interior Chapter’s banner hangs in the Bell’s Studebaker Diner and Museum in Bellingham, WA.

The banners have been displayed at various Pacific Northwest Zone events in years past. As you can see in the photo, the banners are quite large and require several people and lots of space to put them on display.

For more information about the stamp, click here. You will go to the Postage Stamp Guide website.

Canada Post Studebaker Stamp Banner
Our Chapter’s Canada Post Studebaker Stamp banner was displayed at the February meeting at Steve and Vivian Pinter’s residence. Photo by Steve Pinter.