Ron Cann


If you are looking at this Studebaker Drivers Club website, possibly you are thinking of joining a club like ours where the members share your interest in Studebakers. I went through the same search a few years ago and thought you might be interested in learning a bit about my story and how I got here.

I found my  “project car” (a 1965 Studebaker Daytona Sport Sedan) in the middle of a blackberry patch and as  you can see by the picture, it was in need of a lot of “TLC”.  This was a totally new adventure for me and after I brought it home I decided to try and reach out to see what information was available to help me.  That is when I went to “Mr Google” and searched for some Studebaker information.  This is my “project” as I found it.

Blackberry Patch Daytona

As you can see, this is not going to be “just change the oil and tires” and then go for a drive.  I was looking for this type of project to practice some newly acquired skills I had picked up by taking some Auto Restoration Courses at BCIT.  But where do I start?  After joining this club, I began to meet people from around the area who were very willing to share their knowledge and experience with me.

This club is International with over 11,000 members worldwide.  Studebaker International maintains a very active website that includes member forums that you can enter to ask Studebaker related questions.  There are always many people who post answers to your queries very quickly.  It is very helpful.  Here is a picture of me in my shop working on the car.  I have a blog where I try to show my progress.  For obvious reasons, I named my blog  You can go there by clicking on the picture.

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Joining parts from “donor” car to my original Daytona 2 dr. Sport Sedan

From the blog pictures you can see that this project is going to take me some time.  It wasn’t long before it became evident  to me that I needed a “driver” Studebaker.  After all, it is a “drivers” club.  So I recently acquired a 1964 Studebaker Wagonaire.  I am enjoying being able to take it to meetings and events.  The picture below shows my wagon with its unique sliding roof option.  Good for camping under the stars!

Enjoying a run with the Wagonaire on a sunny fall day!