Dave Card’s Shop Tour

On January 26/19, we held the first club event of the new year. Dave Card welcomed us to visit his workshop at his home in Pitt Meadows. Thirteen club members were able to attend. It turned out to be a clear January day and three members brought their Studebakers out for some exercise.

We were all impressed with Dave’s large shop and his varied collection of projects. He is currently working on a “frame-off restoration” of his Avanti. The body and the frame were separated, which made it easier to see the details of how the Avanti fiberglass body is put together and to appreciate the fine work Dave is doing. I know it will be a masterpiece when it is done.

Dave has a fully equipped shop with lathes, and even a milling machine that he is able to use to manufacture anything he needs from scratch. He showed us some examples of parts made from solid blocks of steel that are much superior to the original castings. A very skilled craftsman for sure!

Also in the shop is his ’55 Packard. It was their wedding car when Dave and Vera got married. Maybe it will even see some restoration some day. Have a look at the pictures and you will also see a Packard parts car in the yard that he has been saving for that very purpose. It has great “patina”!

Everyone was very envious of Dave’s “furnace room/ world problem solving room” on the end of the shop. In this room, he has installed a large wood fired boiler that is used to heat the shop and also his house. He has installed underground piping over to the house. It certainly makes it very warm and cozy to sit around and discuss the project of the day. After looking at some of the outside projects Dave has on the go, we all enjoyed coffee, donuts and Vera’s lovely cake while warming up. Apparently, regular meetings with his cronies are held here, to solve the problems of the world. If only people would listen to them!!

Another very interesting project that Dave has spent a lot of time on is a Solar Battery Charging unit, that he hopes to use for charging a Chevy Volt someday. He has built a unit that holds an array of ten Solar Panels, and it travels in a semi-circle following the sun throughout the day. Interestingly, the unit that moves it is driven by a Studebaker rear axle unit. He devised an electric drive unit that is connected via chains to this differential that has an overall ratio of 16,000 to 1. That makes it take all day to travel in a semi circle following the sun. Hopefully, you can get a bit of an idea of his genius engineering from my pictures.

This certainly was a very interesting day, and we all wish to thank Dave sincerely for allowing us to invade his space. I hope we didn’t spill any coffee and make too much of a mess! Also, thanks to your wife Vera for her hospitality and sharing you with us. …… Thanks again, Ron.

Glassworks Refinishing and Auto Body Customer Appreciation Party

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I awoke on Saturday, Dec. 15/18 to a bright sunny day. I had just received Collector Plates for my Wagonaire, so I was now able to take it on today’s outing to the open house at Glassworks.  An unexpected pleasure!

Glassworks Shop

Gil, the owner, was very busy at his BBQ grilling up some tasty snacks for all to enjoy along with some cool beverages and other goodies. He did a wonderful  job of making sure no one went hungry!                Thank you Gil.


John, Mark , Gill , Pete

There were five members from our club in attendance and lots of others  with similar interests to talk to.  There were a couple of nice examples of Gil’s work  parked outside.  A rare later model Jeep Wagonaire and a sharp looking GMC camper van that he had totally redone.


Datsun 240Z in  booth

Inside the shop, there was a customer’s Datsun 240Z.  Gil had just painted it the previous evening with 3 coats of brilliant red colour and covered that with 3 coats of clear.  When he is finished with the polishing, it will be a very nice show quality paint job.


The owner of the Datsun and her son talking to Mark and Pete

We talked to the lady and her son who own this nice red Datsun 240Z   There is a sad but heartwarming story about this car. She and her husband had bought this car, to rebuild as a project, while he was dealing with cancer.  We were sorry to hear that her husband passed away before they managed to complete it.  She and her son have decided to carry on and complete this project in his memory.  Many of their friends are also assisting with the reassembly of the car. We certainly wish them well with it and know that it will be a stunning  car when it is  completed.

Gary and Ron

Mark and 240Z owner

General shop food bar!





Another enjoyable club outing, and I am now looking forward to our next adventure that I hope to organize for late January.   Stay tuned!!

Ron C, Event Coordinator



Club Christmas Lunch – 2018

We held our Christmas Lunch at the ABC Restaurant on Sunday, Dec. 9/18. It was well attended and it was a great way to start off the Christmas season. In spite of the heavy rain, a couple of very nice Studebakers were parked outside for all to see and admire. Too bad it was not a better day for kicking tires and checking under hoods. Thanks to Gary T. and Pete Y. for bringing them – I am sorry, it was too wet to even go out and take a picture!

Cory adding some fun to the afternoon.

This year we had Cory, who is a caricaturist, come and draw portraits of all the guests as we were socializing and having lunch. Cory did a fabulous job and it added a lot of fun to the afternoon

(If anyone reading this is looking for a caricaturist in the future here is his website:   www.corycatures.com)



Here are some pictures of members enjoying the day.

Judy S. added some Christmas atmosphere with her fancy xmas light necklace!

Emerson was a star! GG Pete and Dad Jon had a lot of fun too.

Mark C. and Steve P.



New member John B. (center) chatting with Sid S. and Gary T.











Terry and Marney G. talking with Judy and Peter S.    Pete & Sandy front.

Steve and Vivian P. talking with Vera and Dave C.





Emerson sitting with his proud                        grandparents Sandy and Phil W.

Val and Mark under the lights!. Mark asked Cory for a “little extra” on top. Did it work?

I am trying to assure  Dave  C. that if he opens his shop up to a tour, we won’t make a mess of his nice clean shop!



Ron selling some 50-50 tickets to help pay for the fantastic door prizes!!

Terry and Marney talking with Vivian before dinner.

The waitresses treated us very well.Lily and Jon W.  seated with Emerson between them.














Special thanks to Vera and Dave C.    for bringing a large supply of home grown and roasted Hazelnuts for everybody to enjoy over the Holiday Season. Much appreciated.

Everybody certainly enjoyed the special day and Linda and I would like to wish everyone a glorious Christmas Season and  drive safely.

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Alyn Edwards Garage Tour and Lunch Outing, Sunday, Nov 18, 2018

Event Report by Ron Cann – Club Event Coordinator

The collage below is a  sample of the fun day we had at Alyn’s Garage.

The club was invited to have a tour of Alyn Edwards amazing collection of Classic Cars.  Alyn has over 30 cars that are all in pristine condition or in the process of being restored.  He has a very well equipped and staffed shop.

We couldn’t have picked a nicer day for an outing.  The sun was shining and it was quite warm.  For the middle of November,  it was remarkable.   It was a good chance to dust off our Studebakers and take them out for some exercise.

The club met for lunch at the Red Robin Restaurant in Maple Ridge before proceeding  to Alyn’s Garage location.  The event was well attended.  All those present had a great time touring the shop and garage area seeing all the very rare cars. There were a couple of good examples of Studebakers in his collection that, of course, were very popular with the members. It was very interesting walking around with Alyn and having him point out some of the special things that made each car unique.  He would start off almost every description with the statement, “this one is my favorite.”  Just what any parent or grandparent would say about their children. They are all your favorites!

Gary Taylor, the club President, presented Alyn with an Avanti Wall Clock that was handmade by Pete Yuen.  Hopefully, it will find a place on one of the display walls around the garage.

Some of his cars are used in the movie industry around town. The day we were there, four of them were being delivered to add some “period correct” scenery in some current shoot. This Lincoln was probably the largest ever made!


This beautiful T-Bird was also going to be picked up for delivery to a movie set.



                                                                          There were some very interesting discussions in the shop area about  the projects  Alyn’s crew of experts has on the go. Beautiful work is being done!



Even with all this space, it was not too long until Alyn started installing some hoists so that he could add to his collection.



This was certainly a memorable day!  I am always looking for any recommendations you may have for similar outings like this. Send me an email with your ideas. It would be appreciated.

Take care and drive safely,  Ron Cann

Introduction by Member Ron Cann


If you are looking at this Studebaker Drivers Club website, possibly you are thinking of joining a club like ours where the members share your interest in Studebakers. I went through the same search a few years ago and thought you might be interested in learning a bit about my story and how I got here.

I found my  “project car” (a 1965 Studebaker Daytona Sport Sedan) in the middle of a blackberry patch and as  you can see by the picture, it was in need of a lot of “TLC”.  This was a totally new adventure for me and after I brought it home I decided to try and reach out to see what information was available to help me.  That is when I went to “Mr Google” and searched for some Studebaker information.  This is my “project” as I found it.

Blackberry Patch Daytona

As you can see, this is not going to be “just change the oil and tires” and then go for a drive.  I was looking for this type of project to practice some newly acquired skills I had picked up by taking some Auto Restoration Courses at BCIT.  But where do I start?  After joining this club, I began to meet people from around the area who were very willing to share their knowledge and experience with me.

This club is International with over 11,000 members worldwide.  Studebaker International maintains a very active website that includes member forums that you can enter to ask Studebaker related questions.  There are always many people who post answers to your queries very quickly.  It is very helpful.  Here is a picture of me in my shop working on the car.  I have a blog where I try to show my progress.  For obvious reasons, I named my blog  RustyRonnies.blogspot.ca.  You can go there by clicking on the picture.

Click on picture to go to RustyRonnies.blogspot.ca
Joining parts from “donor” car to my original Daytona 2 dr. Sport Sedan

From the blog pictures you can see that this project is going to take me some time.  It wasn’t long before it became evident  to me that I needed a “driver” Studebaker.  After all, it is a “drivers” club.  So I recently acquired a 1964 Studebaker Wagonaire.  I am enjoying being able to take it to meetings and events.  The picture below shows my wagon with its unique sliding roof option.  Good for camping under the stars!

Enjoying a run with the Wagonaire on a sunny fall day!

I am now the “Event Co-Ordinator” for our club and so if you are interested in “testing the waters” get in touch with me through the contact information on this website.  I hope you do.