Alyn Edwards Garage Tour and Lunch Outing

Event Report by Ron Cann – Club Event Coordinator

The collage below is a  sample of the fun day we had at Alyn’s Garage.

The club was invited to have a tour of Alyn Edwards amazing collection of Classic Cars.  Alyn has over 30 cars that are all in pristine condition or in the process of being restored.  He has a very well equipped and staffed shop.

We couldn’t have picked a nicer day for an outing.  The sun was shining and it was quite warm.  For the middle of November,  it was remarkable.   It was a good chance to dust off our Studebakers and take them out for some exercise.

The club met for lunch at the Red Robin Restaurant in Maple Ridge before proceeding  to Alyn’s Garage location.  The event was well attended.  All those present had a great time touring the shop and garage area seeing all the very rare cars. There were a couple of good examples of Studebakers in his collection that, of course, were very popular with the members. It was very interesting walking around with Alyn and having him point out some of the special things that made each car unique.  He would start off almost every description with the statement, “this one is my favorite.”  Just what any parent or grandparent would say about their children. They are all your favorites!

Gary Taylor, the club President, presented Alyn with an Avanti Wall Clock that was handmade by Pete Yuen.  Hopefully, it will find a place on one of the display walls around the garage.

Some of his cars are used in the movie industry around town. The day we were there, four of them were being delivered to add some “period correct” scenery in some current shoot. This Lincoln was probably the largest ever made!

This beautiful T-Bird was also going to be picked up for delivery to a movie set.

There were some very interesting discussions in the shop area about  the projects  Alyn’s crew of experts has on the go. Beautiful work is being done!

Even with all this space, it was not too long until Alyn started installing some hoists so that he could add to his collection.

This was certainly a memorable day!  I am always looking for any recommendations you may have for similar outings like this. Send me an email with your ideas. It would be appreciated.

Take care and drive safely,  Ron Cann