Glassworks Refinishing and Auto Body Customer Appreciation Party

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I awoke on Saturday, Dec. 15/18 to a bright sunny day. I had just received Collector Plates for my Wagonaire, so I was now able to take it on today’s outing to the open house at Glassworks.  An unexpected pleasure!

Glassworks Shop

Gil, the owner, was very busy at his BBQ grilling up some tasty snacks for all to enjoy along with some cool beverages and other goodies. He did a wonderful  job of making sure no one went hungry!   Thank you Gil.

John, Mark , Gill , Pete

There were five members from our club in attendance and lots of others  with similar interests to talk to.  There were a couple of nice examples of Gil’s work  parked outside.  A rare later model Jeep Wagonaire and a sharp looking GMC camper van that he had totally redone.

Datsun 240Z in  booth

Inside the shop, there was a customer’s Datsun 240Z.  Gil had just painted it the previous evening with 3 coats of brilliant red colour and covered that with 3 coats of clear.  When he is finished with the polishing, it will be a very nice show quality paint job.

The owner of the Datsun and her son talking to Mark and Pete

We talked to the lady and her son who own this nice red Datsun 240Z   There is a sad but heartwarming story about this car. She and her husband had bought this car, to rebuild as a project, while he was dealing with cancer.  We were sorry to hear that her husband passed away before they managed to complete it.  She and her son have decided to carry on and complete this project in his memory.  Many of their friends are also assisting with the reassembly of the car. We certainly wish them well with it and know that it will be a stunning  car when it is  completed.

Gary and Ron
Mark and 240Z owner
General shop food bar!

Another enjoyable club outing, and I am now looking forward to our next adventure that I hope to organize for late January.   Stay tuned!!

Ron C, Event Coordinator